• Bachelor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University

  • Expected Graduation: May 2019

  • Honor:Dean’s List from Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2017


  • Teaching Assistant 

    • ​Object Oriented Programming (Fall 2018) & Foundations of Computer Science (Spring 2019)

    • Hold recitation, programming lab & office hour

    • Give out quiz and answer questions from students

    • Take attendance and give grade for the recitation, quiz and lab.

  • Stony Brook University - Since May 2016

    • ​Monitor IT services status and report issues

    • Help students with software, Wi-Fi, printing issues on campus.

    • Maintain computer classrooms.

Class Projects

  • Projects in C

    1. Dynamic memory allocator

    2. In-memory, multi-threaded, caching server functionally similar to Memcached.

    3. Shell with these functions: scripting support, redirection support, builtins, ability to run executables and simple job control

    4. Command line utility to encrypt and decrypt strings and files by either Polybius cipher or Fractionated Morse cipher.

  • Projects in MIPS​​

    1. Program that accepts command line arguments, analyzes these arguments and uses random number generator to draw numbers based on an argument.

    2. Run-Length Encoding Program

    3. Bombsweeper

    4. Program that offers the ability of recursively traversing binary tree, constructing binary search trees and deleting nodes from binary search trees

  • Projects in Java​​​

    1. Operating System Projects (OSP): Thread, Memory, Devices

    2. Buzzword Game​

    3. Hangman Game

  • Other Project

    1. ​​Matchmaster: an online dating website built from designing database using MySQL to write User Interface using HTML/JSP.

Skills & Hobbies

  • Programming Skills:        C, Java, MySQL, HTML/JSP, Latex, Machine Learning, Neural Network

  • Other Skills:                     MS Office, Chinese Native Speaker, Beginner Final Cut Pro X

  • Hobbies:                           Painting in watercolor, singing, meditation, and skydiving.